The X-RAD SmART system’s new flexible cabinet design provides the flexibility to fit the needs of both large and small preclinical research facilities. The system provides leading edge modularized tools for planning complex 3-D conformal radiation treatment and calculation and visualization of 3-D dose distributions, performed using globally-accepted state-of-the-art Monte Carlo simulation techniques and providing dosimetric accuracy superior even to clinical systems.

Image SmART.

Image SmARTThe only system that incorporates a fully-integrated EMCCD camera to provide very high sensitivity 360° optical/bioluminescence imaging combined with ultra-high resolution CT to improve tumor targeting. During imaging, the mouse remains stationary to maximize image quality.

  • The industry’s only true Cone beam CT Imaging System.
  • The highest resolution imaging and irradiation.
  • Integrated 360° EMCCD Optical/Bioluminescence Camera.

Plan SmART.

Image SmARTBeam placement and dose visualization tools allow simulated beams to be overlaid onto the CT images for user friendly, best-in-class treatment planning.

  • Underlying Monte Carlo Calculation Engine is best-in-class for these measurements and surpasses clinical dosimetric accuracy.
  • Easy to use dose optimization to maximize tumor dose while minimizing dose to surrounding healthy tissues.
  • Conforms to DICOM standards in exporting images, dose maps and contoured structures.

Treat SmART.

Image SmARTA robust, integrated targeting calibration procedure and micron precision automation systems enable best-in-industry targeting accuracy improving total dose delivery to the targeted area and reducing damage to non-targeted surrounding healthy tissues.

  • Wide range of field sizes to suit any targeted radiation research experiment.
  • Highest dose rate in the industry, nearly 2X higher than competing systems.
  • A rotating animal stage for non-coplanar beam delivery.

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